Packing Tips for Travel

Most people, at some point in their life, will have an urge to travel. This may be a two week holiday to somewhere warm for a great suntan, a life-changing year, or longer trip. Everyone has their own reasons to travel, but most people are triggered by something to see. This is often a life-changing event or it can be a sudden change of feeling, giving you the desire to fly the nest and set off on an adventure.


A packing list eliminates the panic of last-second packing, serves as a handy guide for repacking at the end of the trip, and can be beneficial in the unfortunate event of lost or stolen luggage. When planning your wardrobe, consider the events you will participate in both day and night, and write down a possible outfit for each activity. Crosscheck this packing list to determine if one piece can cover multiple occasions. Pick clothes that coordinate well together, based on complementary colors.

Don’t Forget the First-Aid Kit

We’re not asking you to prepare for the ER, but rather a small bag of the most necessary pills and medicine you might need. After all, nobody wants to suffer a punishing headache, high-climate fever, upset stomach, or all three during a holiday. It might be easy enough to pick up a domestic remedy for your ailments at home, but medicines in another country you are visiting may be limited to prescription only. The same goes for allergy meds and asthma remedies – bring them on board!

Stay Fresh

It's important to keep your clothes smelling fresh, especially if you're on a long trip. By taking a small bag of potpourri, fabric conditioner sheets, or scented drawer liners, you'll keep your clothes smelling sweet throughout the trip.

Cube your Clothes

Another good packing solution idea is to buy packing cubes when you plan to travel. This helps separate your different items and access things more quickly.

Reduce Material Usage

Instead of bringing all of those maps, magazines, and books, go electronic instead. You can get just about any directions you might need on a smartphone, in a book, or magazine in eBook format, and find a lot of more electronic uses for previously material items.

Limit your Liquids

We all know about it by now, and yet there’s still mass confusion and hold-up when someone tries to sneak a bottle of water past airport security. Much to everybody’s chagrin, pan-European baggage restrictions state that all liquids carried in hand luggage must be no more than 100 ml per item, and must fit into one small and resealable transparent bag, usually available at the airport for a nominal fee. If you’re carrying anything larger, stow it with your checked-in suitcase.

Fill Dead Space

When it comes to packing, you need to make use of every little inch of suitcase space that you can. Roll tops, underwear, socks, and other small items, and stuff them into your shoes to make sure every possible space is filled.

Using these tips, you should be able to enjoy a simple and easy trip. Knowing how to pack a suitcase without bringing excessive quantities of items is hard to do, but these simple packing hacks should make that a bit easier. Travel is hard enough, so make it a little easier using these!

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